Has brushing and flossing become a nightly battle with you and your children? I can tell you, you are not the only one! With the busyness of dinner, showers and homework we as parents forget that brushing 2 times a day for two minutes, flossing at night and seeing your Golden, CO dentist , Dr. Sprout, are just as important as everything else we do. We also forget that brushing and flossing shouldn’t be a chore but a fun activity. Making a positive habit early in your child’s life will help your child as they become an adult, decrease the frustrating, nightly battles of “Did you or didn’t you brush”, and more importantly keep your wallet in your pocket.

I am here to tell you…make it fun! No matter what toothbrush or floss you use make  it an activity. I personally have 3 daughters and one bathroom…YIKES! I spent the first 9 years of my daughter’s life arguing, debating and forcing her to brush when I gave up. Even as a person in the dental world, I said, “Fine, they are not my teeth do what you want”. As a parent, you know this will only last for so long.

I got so frustrated with the battles, I just  gave up on my girls. When I finally remembered that brushing should be fun and not a chore, I decided to go buy the Sonicare children’s musical toothbrush and the Sonicare air flosser. It was LIFE CHANGING!!! I don’t have to argue with any of my girls any more, even the 3 year old! They are now asking me, “Can we use the flosser this morning”? I have eliminated the daily stress of taking care of their teeth simply by making it fun.

I am not saying you have to go spend all this money or buy all these gadgets but find a way to make brushing and flossing fun In my case, buying the toothbrushes and the flosser was my solution.

Helpful ideas:

1. Brush your teeth with your kids

2. Get toothpaste on your nose (this always makes them laugh)

3. Watch videos on brushing and flossing

4. Buy an electric toothbrush or air flosser

5.  Read books about brushing and flossing

6. Let them brush your teeth and you brush theirs

You can come up with many simple ideas. Just remember mom & dad MAKE IT FUN!!!