What causes a cavity?  Most people do not know what causes cavities.  It is thought by most people that cavities are from sugar.  Sugar doesn’t help cavities, but decay in the mouth is actually caused from bacteria in our mouth that feed off of what we eat and drink, producing acid.  The acid is what causes the cavities.  This is why Diet sodas, Powerade, Gatorades, Lemonade and other highly acidic foods and drinks are potentially more harmful to teeth then sugar itself.  In the big picture sugar and candy is also bad for your teeth but sugar itself isn’t what causes the cavities.  This is why we, your Golden, CO Dentist talk to our patients about good home care and diets.  No matter what you eat, whether it is sugar or not your mouth produces its own acids, which breaks down your teeth.


For good home care follow these suggestions:


  1. Brush at least 2 times a day (morning and night)
  2. Floss at least 1 time a day (before bed is the best)
  3. Sticky, acidic, sugary foods and drinks all in moderation
  4. Replace you toothbrush every 3 months
  5. Visit you dentist at least every 6 months
  6. Don’t share.  (Cavity causing germs can be passed from person to person)


Here is a great website to visit for more information