Amy afterNeuromuscular Dentistry

Dr. Sprout takes his team to learn about Neuromuscular Dentistry at The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI.)  Here at your Golden, CO Dental office, we are believers in continuing our education.  Neuromuscular Dentistry has been our focus for many years now.  It is our belief that understanding the muscles in the head and neck allows us to give our patients the most optimal care. At LVI we have the privilege to work with many people who are well versed in neuromuscular dentistry. At LVI we focus on learning how to fix problems within the oral cavity and not just pacifying the problem. Fixing the problem is our goal. When a patient comes to us with pain in their head, neck, and jaw or severe damage and wear on their teeth, we want to stop the pain and fix the problem. Understanding the anatomy of the head and neck allows us to give optimal dentistry.  It broadens our ability to help patients that have suffered with headaches, jaw pain, neck pain and tooth pain. Identifying the cause of the problem is our main goal.

We get to spend time in the LVI clinic, working hands on with the instructors, learning how dentistry can help our patients.  The goal in our office is to give the most optimal treatment to our patients and improve their smile and life. When training at LVI, we have the opportunity to bring patients with us to restore their teeth, fix their problem and get them out of pain. This trip we had the privilege to bring a wonderful patient who has been in pain for many years, has had severe wear on her teeth, and very discolored teeth. Through many months of diagnosing the problem and finding the “cure,” we determined she would be a wonderful candidate for the LVI training.  With 3 days of intense hands on work, we have given our patient a new smile.