Golden Sedation DentistryEveryone has experienced, or knows someone who has experience pressure in their ears while flying. The symptoms typically begin while a plane is descending and can persist for several hours after you land. Many times people who have had or need dental treatment can also experience discomfort while flying. A tooth can become extremely painful or uncomfortable when the cabin is pressurized.

But did you also know that 41% of scuba divers experienced dental discomfort while in the water. There are many causes for a dental issue and several studies have been conducted to document these incidents. Due to constant jaw clenching and atmospheric pressure changes, divers have experienced broken fillings, loose crowns and jaw pain.

So, before you plan your next plane flight or scuba dive, plan a visit to your Golden, CO dentist for an exam to rule out any potential dental issues. We want you to enjoy your next vacation without any dental pain.

Safe travels and have fun!