Today, more than 55 published clinical studies have been conducted at universities and independent research facilities concerning the use of waterpiks and the results they achieve for dental health. It was concluded that the Water Pik is a superior preventative tool for treating and healing any stage of gum disease as well as helping in the prevention of periodontal disease.

Used correctly the Water Pik will direct a regulated stream of water into the gum pocket removing food particles, bacteria and toxins. However, it will not eliminate the need for flossing or your regular professional cleaning. Even though flossing is still recommended, the studies indicated that the Water Pik can remove bacteria and toxins deeper into the gum pocket which will help reduce inflammation.

Keeping orthodontic appliances clean can be tedious and challenging, and the Water Pik flosser makes it easier. It is safe and gentle around implants. Patients with dexterity issues can use it with great results. It takes about one minute, and children as young as 6 years old can use it.

And… the Water Pik is safe and easy to use.

Our Golden Colorado dental office has an instruction sheet for the correct use of the Water Pik Waterflosser. Stop by our practice today and begin using your new Water Pik tonight.