Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Are you afraid to go to the Dentist?  You are not the only one! Research shows that fear is one of the most common reasons people avoid the dentist.  Why are people afraid?  The most common complaint is pain.  We at your Golden, CO Dentist can help. This is why the Genesee Dental Group offers oral sedation.


What is oral sedation?  Oral conscious sedation is the ability to get our patients relaxed in the chair.  The Genesee Dental Group uses a pill that the patient takes, which allows the patient to become very tired.  While the patient will most likely sleep in the chair the doctor and his team can wake and talk to the patient when needed.


Pro’s to Oral Conscious sedation:


  1. Completely relaxed in the dental chair
  2. Most likely will not remember the visit
  3. Not aware of what is going on in the chair
  4. No fear or anxiety of work being done


Con’s to Oral Conscious Sedation:


  1. Must have a person drive you to and from the appointment
  2. Must not work, make decisions or operate machinery for 24    hours
  3. Must not eat or drink for 6 hour prior to appointment


Dr. Sprout and his team want to give you a wonderful experience at our office.  If you are keeping away from the dentist because of fear give us a call for a free consult to talk about your options and what we can do for you!


Can’t wait to meet you!