Why I Quit Smoking and How you can too!!!

We have all heard about the risks of smoking, but do you know what to expect when you stop smoking? I would like to share my story with you.

My husband and I (Janet) both chose to quit smoking on January 1, 2014.  There were several reasons for our decision. The primary reason was for our health. We were tired of having difficulty breathing (especially at our altitude), having a constant dry mouth and being concerned with things like heart disease, oral and lung cancer.  Other reasons included wanting to start a family and that smoking has become a social stigma (must go outside at all restaurants and bars).

The first thing you must do is pick your start date. There is a wonderful resource available to you at www.coquitline.org. You can call or email them and they will ask you some general questions like, “What are your goals or what obstacles do you think you may have?” They will give you alternatives to help you through the initial months.

My husband chose to do the nicotine gum and I went with the patch. The quit line will give you a several months’ supply of what you feel will be the most successful for your situation. You can set up a weekly call or email from them.  You can also contact them 24/7, if you are having a difficult time and need to talk. Their support system is wonderful and both my husband and I have called them when we have the urge to smoke.

The psychological side of quitting is huge. You need to address your oral habit. Some things that worked for me were always have healthy snacks and water available at work, in my car and by the television. You have to break the old habit of when you wanted to smoke. For me, it was driving to and from work, socializing in groups with friends, having a drink and smoking after a meal. Some alternatives that have worked for us are

1.) Putting all the money we would have spent on cigarettes in a jar and after 6 months reward ourselves with a trip, spa day or a couple’s massage.

2.) Signing up for yoga classes.

3.) Always focus on the overall goal.  My goal is, in 6 months to be totally free of all nicotine products, including the patch.

I struggle every day and it is a stressful endeavor but please know that here at our Golden, CO dentist we will be here to support your journey. You can call and talk to us at any time if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to get you back on the path to total health by kicking your smoking habit for good!