Couple taking a selfie at a wedding with prefectly straight teeth thanks to Golden InvisalignDid you get engaged recently? Our entire Genesee Dental Team would like to say “Congratulations!” As you begin planning your wedding, don’t forget your most important accessory: your wedding day SMILE!

Couples typically smile for hundreds of photos on their wedding day. Achieve your own beautiful wedding day smile with Invisalign! Treatment involves a series of progressive, removable aligners that straighten your teeth and are virtually invisible.

Get organized with our wedding planning timeline and a few FAQs about Invisalign:

Invisalign FAQ:

 How will Invisalign affect my life? Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible – there are no metal brackets or wires. People may not even notice you’re wearing the aligners! You can even remove your aligners for special occasions, such as your engagement photo session or bridal shower.

How often will I need to visit Dr. Sprout during treatment? At the start of treatment, we’ll schedule regular appointments every four to six weeks to ensure treatment is progressing as it should. These appointments are brief and can be scheduled at a time of day that works with your busy schedule!

Will my new smile be ready in time for my wedding day? Length of treatment varies from patient to patient, but the average adult case takes about 12 months.

Can I also whiten my teeth safely while undergoing Invisalign treatment? Yes! We recommend in-office laser whitening to achieve your wedding photo-ready smile. Our team can arrange your in-office whitening to take place during one of your Invisalign appointments for maximum ease and convenience. Talk to Dr. Sprouts Team about your wedding planning schedule so we can schedule your whitening to take place before your engagement photo session or other important events.

If you have any other questions or concerns about beginning your Invisalign treatment, please call our Golden dental team at 303-526-9155. We’re honored to be a part of your special day and look forward to helping you say “I do!” to a beautiful new smile!