Starting your own book club is a great way to stay up with the latest bestsellers, make new friends and get out of your own reading rut! Follow these easy steps on how to start a book club, and don’t be discouraged if some members come and go. Great book clubs don’t start overnight and will evolve as members’ lives change. In the end, you may build some lifelong friendships.
Let’s get started:
1. Get together a core group of 3-4 people (co-workers, neighbors, play groups, church). An ideal size is 8-10 people. You will probably never have everyone show up, so don’t worry that you can’t fit everyone in your living room.
2. Set a regular meeting day & time every month. For example, my club meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at 4:00PM. By setting this before recruiting members, people can decide if this will work for them.
3. Establish ground rules. This includes how books are chosen, who hosts, who leads, if questions are given out in advance and what kind of commitment is expected. Discuss how books are chosen. You can either have everyone pick a book at beginning of year and decide the monthly selection or have a month that everyone would have their selection for the next month. Also, hosting responsibilities (home or restaurant), food selection (appetizers, meal, desserts) can all be discussed in this area.
4. Meet (even if you only have 3 members) and keep meeting and inviting people. Some people feel better joining an established book club because they feel less pressure in setting ground rules. You will have changes in the group as people’s schedules and commitments change. Hopefully, you’ll always have a core group that has enthusiasm and desire to keep the book club moving forward.
So, all of us at your Golden CO dental practice want to hear about the great books you are reading right now. Also, share things that your book club does to stay motivated. You never know, we may someday be reading together in the same wonderful book club!
“A good book has no ending” -R.D. Cumming