The Benefit of Fluoride in Water

A common question we get at our Golden, CO Dentist is, “Does fluoride in water really help protect teeth from getting cavities?”  Our answer is yes!  There has been enough research to say that fluoride
does help the development of teeth, as well as, maintaining the strength of teeth.  There are two ways we can benefit from fluoride, systemically and topically.

Systemically is where you ingest the fluoride through your diet, such as, water, food, fluoride tablets and lozenges.  Systemic fluoride starts while the tooth is developing.  It strengthens from the
inside out.

Topically is the second way we can get fluoride.  It comes in forms such as, toothpaste, mouth wash, gels and foams applied onto your teeth after development.  This type protects the surfaces of your teeth to maintain strength.

Fluoride has shown to be very helpful in both forms.  The common concern with most dentists is our water.  Water is the most common way we get fluoride both systemically and topically.  So the controversy between city, well, and bottled water is always a topic of discussion.  It is believed that drinking water with fluoride in it is the best option, especially for children.  The easiest way to get fluoride is through drinking regular tap water or city water but, people worry about the filtration of the other things that may be in our water so, they drink bottled water.  Most bottled water has no fluoride in it so
if you are drinking strictly bottled water you have removed the main source of fluoride in your diet and in doing so you are compromising the strength of your teeth.

If you choose to continue to drink bottled water it is suggested that you buy bottled water that has fluoride in it, especially for children.  Make note, if fluoride is not on the ingredient label then fluoride is
not present in that specific bottle.

Well water typically does not have fluoride in it.  If you have well water and want to test for fluoride we at the Genesee Dental Group have testing kits that you can take home and test your water.

Whatever water you drink be sure you continue to give your teeth the Vitamin it needs… Fluoride!