COVID-19 Update

To our valued patients,

My team and I hope this letter finds you well, and that you and your family have been safe and healthy during these challenging times. We will do everything we can to continue your safety and health while providing you the best care possible. Appointments may need to be managed to allow for social distancing and additional infection control protocols. We will do our best to be efficient with your time and appreciate your patience. This letter outlines the changes you can expect at our office.

Infection control has always been, and will continue to be, of paramount importance at Genesee Dental Group. We want you to know we are staying up to date on the latest infection control recommendations and requirements so we keep both patients and our team members safe.

Throughout this last week the Colorado Dental Association, Governor Jared Polis’ administration, and DORA (who enforces the rules regulating dental licenses) have been updating allowable dental care, as well as the way in
which we provide it for you. New executive orders as well as public health orders have been recently released. Please know we are staying up to date on these ever evolving rules. They may continue to change and we will need to adjust accordingly.

Below, you will find how things will be different as we re-open and what to expect. We thank you for your time reading through these changes as well as your understanding and compliance during this pandemic.


3 days prior to your appointment:

You will receive an email or text message with a screening questionnaire and updated health history form. Please complete this as soon as possible after receiving it so the office can review it prior to your appointment. We will be unable to see you if this is not done and there may be a cancellation fee.


Day of your appointment:


  • Due to enhanced appointment check-in measures, we would greatly appreciate if you could arrive ten minutes early.
  • Upon arrival to the office please remain in your vehicle and text us at 303-526-9155 (office phone number) to let us know you have arrived.
  • When we are ready for you, we will call or text you back to let you know you may enter the office.
  • We will take your temperature and have you sanitize your hands.
  • Please wear a mask or other face covering on arrival and as you check out following your visit.


  • When in the treatment room you will be asked to swish with a mouth rinse for 1 minute.
  • Please limit extra companions coming along with you to your appointment as they will not be allowed in the treatment room and will be asked to wait in your vehicle.
  • One parent of minors will be allowed to wait in the waiting room.


  • We will follow social distancing during the check-out process.


Changes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

We as a team will look a little different. You’ll see us wearing hair covers, gowns, N95 masks, and face shields in addition to the PPE we’ve always worn. The front office team will be wearing masks as well. You may
not be as likely to see our smiles during your visit, but please know they are still there behind our masks!

Thank you for all of your understanding and support during these unprecedented times. Genesee Dental wouldn’t be what it is today without you all, and the team and I can’t thank you enough for being such awesome patients!

All the best,

Dr. Sprout