Do you or anyone you know want to pierce your tongue, cheeks, lips or any other part of your mouth? Before you do here are some things you should
know.  Our Golden, CO Dentist, Dr. Sprout and the American Dental Association suggest against any type of oral piercing for many reasons.



Risks related to the procedure

•Infection directly in the mouth, at the wound site but, also infection that can get into the blood stream and cause heart abnormalities.

•Blood loss from damage to the blood vessels in the tongue.

•Swelling causing airway obstruction

•Nerve damage

•Blood borne diseases (most common Hepatitis B, C, D, and G)

Risks related with wearing oral jewelry

•Injury to teeth and gums from constant contact

•Jewelry can interfere with chewing, saliva production, swallowing and speech

•Prolonged wear of metals anywhere in or on the body can increase the risk of developing metal allergies

•Swallowing jewelry can increase the chance of choking but can also cause damage to the digestive tract.

To protect yourself, always research any and all possibilities that could come with doing any type of body art.